Websites publishing activities

Typography + History of writing & printing

A leading expertise (in French) on typography and history of printing

My first real experiences in websites publishing.

Between 1998 and 2011, I've developped a collection of thematic websites dedicated to typography, typeface and graphic design, history of printing and writing. Most of them have been grouped under a common umbrella: Planète typographie for the French speaking sites, Planet typography for the English speaking ones.

Plus one dedicated to history of writing and printing (in French): Typographie & Civilisation.

The French websites have long been the leader on this theme in France. Now it's not anymore the case due to lack of time to update them. But one day...

  • Planète typographie
  • Temps typographiques
  • ABC Typographie
  • Planet typography
  • Fontcenter
  • Typographie & Civilisation

Typography on the web

Major sites:


" Portal dedicated on the contemporary typographic art. Includes a thematic directory dedicated to typography: contemporary creation, digital typography, portraits of type designers, graphic design. (...) The news part is published under the title, "The Typographic Times" and deals with publishing and printing news."

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