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One of my first site ever developped was a small travelogue dedicated to a trip in Madagascar in 1999.

During the period 1999-2011, for almost each of my trip abroad, I've developped a website which have been grouped under the umbrella Cap sur le Monde.

Some atypical travel oriented websites have been published in parrallel such as Objectif Terre (Tintin illustrated) or the Fine Art of Travelling (for displaying my collection of tourist brochures and hotels labels.

More recently, a kind of online newspaper called Revue des Voyages has been developped to have a more proactive approach.

Travel guide

More commercial oriented and to be honnest less interested, I've published several travel guides on Prague and the Czech Republic, Slovenia or Malta.

A radically different perspective has been engaged with the Voyage de Phileas Fogg which is a travel guide displaying content coming from begining of 20th century tourism brochures (PLM).

  • Cap sur le Monde
  • Voyage à Malte
  • Objectif Terre avec Tintin
  • The Fine Art of Travelling
  • WE à Prague
  • Typographie & Civilisation

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