eLearning perspectives

How to use eLearning programs for employees and customers

Saint-Gobain eLearning programs in the Glass Industry

Awarded by the eLearning & Knowledge management prize of Entreprise & Carrière/Cegos in 2008, this multilingual eLearning program developped on quick elearning technologies has been developped to support the training of both employees and customers.

It has been developped to target emerging markets and supporting regions where the employees turnover is high to allow real-time training.

  • SGG eLearning Program Best in Glass
  • SGG eLearning Program Best in Glass

Beyond eLearning


" Sustainable development and technological innovation are, for Saint-Gobain, powerful handles for improving its operations and its results. For several years, the company initiated a pro-active policy in this area. The establishment of Saint-Gobain Glass in the virtual world of Second Life, orchestrated by experts of Stonfield InWorld, is a new step to encourage exchanges between scholars and performers of glazing residents with high environmental sensitivity.;

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