Who am I?

Personal Details

  • Family Name: Loubet del Bayle
  • First Name: Jean-Christophe
  • Date of birth: December 1970
  • Nationality: French
  • Location: Rueil-Malmaison (Paris area)

Profesional Profile

15 years experience in digital project management from marketing websites to collaborative intranet platforms including CRM, extranet and other social networks initiatives for a Fortune 100 (Industry) French multinational company.

International management leadership of multinational teams (Europe, America, Asia) with direct (including offshore management in India) or indirect (digital coordination in a complex delocalized group) responsabilities.

Various non digital experiences previously in Education (High school level in Lebanon, College level in France & Canada), Insurance brokerage (France) and business employers association (Europe).

My Professional Background

Work Experience

2011 October - Present


2011 - 2016 Digital Solutions Director

Digital IT Management

Digital Solutions Director, Corporate IT
To support the digital transformation of a 350 years old company:
▪ In charge of the intranet services delivered at the Group level: social network, communication portal and associated services, document management services.
▪ In charge of ad hoc development in web technologies for the holding and of mutualized services lines for the digital solutions teams of the BUs.
▪ In charge of the technological watch and standardisation in close coordination with the various operational IT teams of the Group.
▪ Development of a development and support team in Mumbai, India.

2005 January - 2011 September

Saint-Gobain Innovative Materials

2009 - 2011 eBusiness Manager, Innovative Materials Sector
2005 - 2008 eBusiness Manager, Flat Glass Division

eBusiness IT Management

eBusiness Manager, Saint-Gobain Innovative Materials Sector
▪ Similar activity for a broader scope (9 BUs) following the merge of the eBusiness teams of the Flat Glass Division and the High Performance Materials Division.

eBusiness Manager, Flat Glass Division
▪ Development of common websites core models of the 4 BUs of the division (Glass, Solutions, Sekurit, Solar)
▪ Development of web based applications for supporting the digital transformation : purchasing portals, eordering systems, Capex management, CRM, etc.
▪ Transformation challenge from a European development process to an offshore (Chenai, India)

2001 January - 2004 December

Saint-Gobain Glass

Senior Project Manager

eBusiness & Marketing Project Management

eBusiness Project Management
▪ Websites: development of a the common website flagship of Saint-Gobain Glass to structure the SGG transformation around one common brand.
▪ Extranet: development of a glass doors configuration system for the Belgian, Swiss and Polish factories of Glassolutions.
▪ CRM: development of an ad hoc web based CRM for supporting the SGG salesforce.

Marketing Project Management
▪ Market Management: in charge of the glass doors market segment for Glassolutions in Europe. Suppliers rationalization and offers standardization.
▪ Product Database: transformation and rewriting of the non structured Saint-Gobain Glass catalogue to feed a newly developed product database.

1997 August - 2000 December

GMC Services/ Groupe Henner

Key Account Manager

International Insurance

Sales & Marketing
▪ In charge of the Swiss & Southern Europe area for an insurance broker specialized in insuring expatriates.
▪ In charge of the website development & support.

International Organization
▪ Due to a common boss, international activities within the Paris Employers Union (Medef Paris).
▪ General Secretary of the Businessmen Organisations of European Capital Cities (BE2C now).

1994 August - 1996 August

College Notre-Dame de Jamhour


Educational activities

High School Professor
▪ Jesuit High school of Beirut (Lebanon).
▪ Professor of Economics
▪ Professor of History & Geography

▪ Social animation (College review, scouting)

My Education


1993 September - 1994 June

Université Toulouse Capitole

Bachelor of Art (Maîtrise), Political Science

Working research on the image of the police institution in France based on a multi-years poll.

1992 September - 1993 December

Université Laval

Quebec City (Canada)

Master of Business Administration (MBA/Msc)

▪ Major in International Business, Minor in Finance.
▪ MSc thesis on an econometric study of the financial structure of big East and South Asian groups.
▪ Articles published:
- “Restructuring of Korean chaebols : an evolution towards a type of Japanese Keiretsu ?” (Asian Profile, HK, 1996)
- “Organisation et stratégie des chaebols coréens : une étude comparative avec les conglomérats japonais” (Gestion 2000, Louvain, 1995)
▪ 1994 Faculty Dean's List

1990 September - 1993 September



EDHEC Graduate School of Business Diploma

Major in International Finance
▪ Double degree program with Université Laval in Quebec City
▪ LVMH Grant for Asia in 1992 for financing a study travel in Seoul (South Korea) about the transformation of the Jaebuls: “The new face of Korea Inc”.

What I’m best at

Skills & Knowledge

Hobbies & Interests

  • Technology


    Following technological development, playing with new technologies such as drones.

  • Webdesign


    Identifying and understanding the ergonomy trends and the development tools for developping websites.

  • Strategy


    For unknown reasons, I've always be found with history, strategy and marketing of large international corporations.

  • Travel


    Travelling around the world for discovering new cultures & landscapes.

  • History


    Because history helps us to understand the world we live in.

  • Typography


    From history of writing and printing to type design. I like everything!

  • Politics


    ... & international relationships. Because it is important to understand our world and to try to change it.

  • Culture


    ... and Southern France culture. Because I'm Toulouse born. Because my wife is Czech.

  • Graphism


    or graphic design. In an historical perspective.


Language Skills



  • Change management
  • Strategy management
  • Project management
  • Offshore management
  • Digital IT
  • New technologies watch
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO & Google Analytics
  • Web Development
  • Typography
  • Color theory and heraldry
  • Graphic design history

My latest interesting projects

Projects portfolio

  • IT offshore in India
    + >

    Offshore in India

    IT operations

  • Insurance for expatriates
    + >

    International Insurance

    Digital strategy & support

  • Songtaaba, Burkina Faso
    + >

    Development in Africa

    Marketing Support

  • Travel & Travelogues
    + >

    Travelogues & Travel guides

    Around the world

  • + >

    Website publishing


  • Second Life & Saint-Gobain
    + >

    Virtual Worlds Experience

    Second Life & Business perspectives

  • + >


    Make eLearning a marketing competitive advantage

  • + >

    Glass Door Configurator

    Expert system to configure and order glass doors

  • Via Lupo and Blake & Mortimer
    + >

    Websites publishing

    Various topics from graphic design to ...

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